How to Start Your Own Business

Hello world! I just want to jump right in because this is about how to start a business- online or offline.!

Many people ask me about this so I thought I would give you some tips.  So here’s some of the things: it’s not gonna happen overnight!

So don’t think that if you need to pay your phone bill, you’re gonna be able to start a business and get some money today. Now maybe you can do that, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

So here’s what I do recommend: building relationships, solving a problem, And saying no, okay, so I’ll explain each one.

I’m gonna take solving a problem. When I first started my wedding photography business, I thought oh man, I’m gonna have to do these boring portraits -I hope not because I don’t like taking these kind of stuff.

Well guess what?  I didn’t do that and no one else in the valley was doing candid photography ! Seriously!!.

Now everybody’s doing it, but that was because it worked. And so when you do something that nobody else is doing and you’re good at it, people find you, so that’s exactly what happened. Now some people say, oh, I would never do wedding photography.  Well I got really well-paid for that and I enjoyed it and I still have friends from  weddings that I shot.

So don’t get caught up in what you’re gonna do, just solve a problem!

Okay, the other thing is it’s not gonna happen overnight, especaially if its offline. The first year I had two weddings and the next year I had 27 so that was actually pretty fast But I wouldn’t count on it, the thing is you want to call a lot of people have meetings, take people to coffee Um you know I actually still have people coming up to me, “Oh how do you make money with your pictures?” It’s like you make it sound like it’s really easy.

It’s not or else everyone would be doing it

And….Just say no. Okay. This is a big one, a lot of people when you’re first starting You know want you to do stuff for free. I think you should say no Because if they’re using your work to make money unless it’s a non-profit Don’t do it.

Because it’s setting a precedent that your work is not worth anything I’ve said no to a lot of people throughout my 33-year career And then I don’t have to bother with low-paying jobs. Consider  pro bono work when you’re building up your business as well.

Remember,  why you’re in business -yes in addition to loving it, but the money part, there’s nothing wrong with that. value yourself and value the work that you do so that others will value you as well.

So don’t think it’s gonna take a short amount of time build relationships, say no to stuff that isn’t worth your while, And people will constantly approach you about things that are not worth your while and want you to do stuff for free because you need to get your name out there?

No actually you don’t .You can start with if you want to do some stuff for your friends, a couple of friends, but you don’t have to keep doing it forever . And what was the other one – say no? build relationships, it’s not gonna be overnight so Good luck.

I know you can do it get out there and kick ass!

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